Saturday, January 21


I never thought that we'd come this far. And when our journey have become so long the fighting keep on growing and misunderstanding keep on appearing. Everything is gone. The laughter and the butterflies. Seems it's fading and it's hurting. I don't want to give up. I don't want to stop everything. But this is way too much. I couldnt handle myself anymore. They don't understand when they really need to. As the tears cascading, the pain is gone. It felt like nothing else matter when you're alone. You feel like you just want to close your eyes and sleep. Let everything flew out of the window. I’ve lost all control in my reality
. I’ve lost all sense of what’s left of me
. I don’t know what path to turn down. 
I’m not sure who I need to be now
All I know now is the pain you’ve caused
All the years of hearing how I wasn’t enough
. But in the end, you got your victory
. Because ultimately, it was you who killed me. This agony is slowly eating me alive
. How can I survive when it feels like I’ve already died? Now I’ve become my own worst enemy. 
I’m not sure I’ll ever find serenity. 
So I drag this pain across my skin tonight
. And wishing that everything will be okay when I wake up.